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tv   Worlds Apart With Oksana Boyko  RT  June 26, 2014 3:29am-3:53am EDT

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very. first. first economic needs are important but you cannot mix. what. he said. in and the progress and we have plenty of examples of this policy i didn't really hear but on you also have to recognize that what is crucial here because. you know. what. i want to insist on for all of you great and for better governance for our government is not based on corruption basically. can identify with. us. because
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frankly and then another. recent poll is it being. the source. with us. if. you could so. let's look at these. agreement you detail the importation of these. hundreds of thousands of people means. more strain and. russia. but. that's where the. relationship first of all with russia and the people it is not i need should not be made by
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people but by the position for a shadow speaker and you know as i say economists know the good news and. believe the hardships that you are depicted that i will not go liberals let's not. isn't that what i'm trying to do but we have to discuss the economy in very precise terms and again the structure of the ukrainian asper these sides that it is very heavily dependent on russia in two thousand and twelve times per cent of the. an expert's word machinery and electrical goods if you press out was transportation and the you know market isn't interested in that type of stuff because these are the areas where your industry has been showing some modest gains so if you are interested in protecting a positive trend. you're on recovery now twenty percent of the ukrainian experts is a great cultural goods and the european market is also saturated when it comes to
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agriculture so could you please mean some of the industry start making money on these economic agreement with europe not in five years not in so many years but in advance of these agreements. and you describe a picture. doesn't give you a full reality before the reality is that what you are see should not happen the. relation between ukraine. and russia are not incompatible with his association i should not being compelled to go. there to make them not just people who. are. going to use a win win situation. but just. to say. to them so it's unfair that russia might fall prey to fear i think and how
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. i ask you i think you are asking. how this is. based on results i think that's what. we believe. but. but. we well you may. not be the big you should be high my day. off. just. a part of. the battle but there was something else to play. gold standard. for.
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this. final. stop the man. with the best. to anybody.
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welcome. i think the reason why so many ukrainians are. so let. me be the guy not just that he is but rather it's not common. both of us to. be i'm. sorry but we. know. there will be a first for you maybe you don't i mean let's be clear you are here when you are in
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a city that is absolutely utopian this is. what i said in this article is that song by the way not to miss the boat with whom i had a long conversation together with secretary of state madeleine albright before the elections and he had a very realistic approach to these issues but there are voices that said well we have to just make ukraine a member of the european union there's an article what they said is that we are not there what we what we have now and what the brain. from the european union if you should. understand this i don't i think that this is not just the quest ukrainian people this is a quest of many people in many. countries and we have to be conscious of all of this. it's not the moment for you ukraine establishing
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a negotiation. the more it is the more you can. find time to get these better longing for and there will be there to help. and transcend the marshall plan that you just mentioned a lot about. it came with a lot of hard cash that you can on extreme struggling industries who will be doing that well i freely agree with you that the phone foreign direct investment still today you'd of the united states has the biggest foreign direct investment in the world and this of course is once more linked to governance because you cannot expect a foreign direct investment if you don't have security both physical and legal security and this is where government just comes back to this to this more concrete
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level of of for the livelihoods of economic livelihoods it's a is spiraling process but the governments will will attract foreign direct investment and this is your turn and i will be up to the challenge what i have understood from my visit to ukraine and on this is i do not claim to be. as you are and you are this is how the brain can i'm not but what for me is absolutely clear is that we have to start just a virtuous circle of good governance and investment start with a board ukraine at the level of all other poland super speak if the vote. went a long way before joining the european union let me transition to my next question would be a comparison you just mentioned poland let me bring up serbia serbia took quite
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a number of years to sign an association limit and that agreement was conditioned on serbia you know establishing good ties because of a because the e.u. has a policy of not accepting members who have outstanding border issues and conflict why is that exception being made for ukraine because it's clear that ukraine is still not in the state of civil war that at least there is instability there. why are you making an exception for ukraine well there is no exception for ukraine and you know that you cannot compare serbia with ukraine at all why not and not historically not not because because you don't behave as you so if they present is as well as cost of what right i mean i hope if you allow me to say that ukraine will never be comparable to serbia the cities that have that we have witness in this the lines of of sort of via we will never see them in i also help.
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and you know this iteration on the ground is pretty gruesome as you know well you know. frankly i think once more and i'm trying to be extremely patient as i say i'm not a nordic that gets sixty three me crossed with passion i myself i can be very passionate i have chosen chosen to be extremely patient and frankly there are there are things that are honestly inadmissible and honest i think that what you are doing now by trying to bring a company asian with course of all is innocent and i say this is only a freedom of speech i mean not only europeans are entitled to whatever that they are but i mean as you know russians are also passionate people and maybe they don't exercise third on speech to your liking but that this may have a right to try and again well you know perfectly well that they have a great respect great respect for russia for russian culture and what i i long and
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i hope my car my articles and everything i have done and returned and where i have been in government i think that russia is a key player a key player with with a key player with whom we have to get a good dialogue russia is big russia and russia is much more than european and. this is something that some europeans do not get i do. agree you won't get me easier because. i have a lot of spending a. lot of. i have taken them along my life i would like to ask you about the recent parliamentary elections in europe if i may have europeans went to the polls on the same day as ukrainians did they were electing their parliamentarians and their the result of those election showed increasing skepticism among ordinary europeans towards these ideals. european union and it
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seems that the european dream that we so passionately discussed here. that was you know offer it to the ukrainians or is going to be offered to the ukrainians and frankly isn't so inspiring for the europeans themselves how do you explain that how do you explain this rise in the euro skepticism first offered to the ukrainians no no this has been i spy ukrainians this has been a dialogue between the ukrainians it's not you you mentioned before an expression like you. know this is a dialogue between the ukrainians and other european union and now yes we are concerned about this this current start much more than you are skeptics what these system is they are against. what is the system today this has many different circumstances but honestly on what is the
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result of these elections we are concerned about these results but the reality is that almost eighty percent of the european union parliament is still what we understand by mainstream. utopia and by our no utopian committed parties. socialist conservative be them leave it out this is the bulk of the part of it we have concern and we should be concerned but but let's not once more distort the reality i do i have no intention of doing that and i know that you are a very passionate advocate of the european unity but there are quite a few. experts in europe will believe that one of the factor is behind this rise in the euro skepticism was. mass tracking of remanding and bulgaria into the european union and before they were fully ready and putting those additional burdens on to
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the health care system on to the labor market on to their those various industries and i know that you are not discussing the full membership for ukraine just yet but there's been a lively discussion about giving some concessions to the ukrainians you know lifting visa restrictions liberalizing labor market for the ukrainian workers aren't you running a danger of exacerbating the same economic problems that contributed to the your ilk accurately there is a big difference between arc session negotiations or becoming a member of the european union and what we are doing now i'm happy to discuss if the fisa larchmont wash rushed if the last two countries of the fifth enlargement that were romania and bulgaria in two thousand and seven they should have waited for a bit longer time i believe gifty if you want when i was in government i was
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among those who thought that understood romania and bulgaria should join the european union i think that what you are mentioning and i agree with you is that there is a certain and larchmont fatigue the european union has to digest these big fees the last. people are speaking of other new you member states they're not new. some of them the bulk of them have been there since say ten years so that's not new but yes i have personally think that this it is a certain a large amount fatigue but once more what we are speaking about in ukraine is is about government for the. euro european union in ukraine is shorthand. for the government missed the last year we've talked
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a lot about what europe could give to your crane better governance values democracy probably but what could you krane give to europe why was the european union so a passionate still keep on signing the socio economic association agreement with ukraine well you know. the issues give or appreciates. may not come of it to the value which is stubbornly stuck beneath the. region because we belong to the same region region that is a stable and prosperous and this is what we want for all our neighbors and especially for all our european neighbors but mr loesser i think it could be argued that ukraine was previous stable before this whole you know i come in a cessation agreement was initiated and ukraine was pretty stable at least there wasn't a war on its on its territory but everything changed unfortunately we are out of
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time i really appreciate your being on the show i appreciate your candor i hop be you know happy to go whenever you invite me thank your eyes and to our viewers please keep the conversation going on our twitter you tube and facebook pages and hope to syria again same place same time here and while the part. we are. we're. people are going to be.
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much more efficient taking every minute. of. the time a no law no weapon. like the payment. plus a few things some say the time place cases most elite lists sometimes for nothing. this season and it's important. to look just keep up the story you'll be just if you see a stage eight lupita but speech was still. lead. choose your language closely killer though if they feel some of the. truth is that it's the
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consensus to. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impact the life choose me access to often. his name was. he was nazi germany's minister of propaganda the myths that he created exist to this day. propaganda was actually trying to denigrate other nations while at the same time raising ordinary german soldier steams to. keep its use of goebbels knew precisely what the masses needed to hear in order to make them follow him he was like the pied piper from the fairy tale who made the rats fall to the tune of his plight. the myths created by the chief nazi ideologist bound for tal saw in the
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west we have to fight these myths today in memory of those who walked in the second world war. in the heart of downtown true cooper just moments ago a suicide bomb went off right here on this street we report from iraq where hundreds of civilians have been killed this month as sunni insurgents ravaged through the country and authorities lose control. but big business revolts american companies trying to push back white house plans for further sanctions on russia concerned looks out of the country's markets around american neighborhoods as bored as the increased deployment of swat teams is civil rights slamming the unison caress of military tactics.
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